Last year...2012 from August onwards, it was nothing short of frustrating having people tell us that our horses were too fat. No one believed us when we insisted that they were only having 4 flakes per day and...we were weighing our flakes each day to make sure that the amount was accurate. One of our horses developed a mild laminitis and we had the vet visit immediately on the first day she went lame. It was most upsetting to hear the dreaded news and our vet naturally assumed we were over feeding. I was so exasperated that I sent off samples from our barn full of local hay. To our horror the local hay tested at 17.56% sugar. Needless to say we immediately sold our hay and put in a call to Pam..."Hay Girl".

Pam was an absolute pleasure to meet. We found Pam to be well informed and her findings matched our recent study of how to read a hay analysis and how to purchase hay that was cut at the right time of day and fertilised (if needed) at the appropriate time of year. Pam was able to deliver immediately to us a hay that tested at 8.3% sugar ( below half the sugar value of the local hay we had been feeding since last August).

That evening I remember feeding the horses their last flake of hay at 10:00p.m. and standing quietly in the barn watching them enjoy the hay and thinking how much less stressed I felt to know that they not only were enjoying the hay, but... were eating healthily with now a much lower risk of laminitis.

As I write this now today...April 27, 2013 it is with great relief and joy that I can tell you my horses have lost all the weight that I wanted them too and they look shiny, well conditioned, happy, and contented. I now go to bed at night with no more stress as to their health. My only stress is that I might telephone Pam to order another load of hay only to find that she has none left...YIKES...I pray that never happens as we cannot now imagine ever feeding unsuitable hay again to our 5 horses.

Thank you to Pam for all the miles she travels to look for the right hay. Thank you to Pam for all the conversations she has with Alberta hay farmers to ensure their practice of haying is what it takes to produce a low sugar, chemical/nitrate free hay. Thank you to Pam for all the hay tests she orders from "Nutrilytical" and for all the concern she shows for not just her own horses but for all the horse owners like me who treasure our beloved equines.

      --Sue, Langley

Finally!! ..... A hay dealer that gets it! Thank you so much Pam for taking the time to educate yourself about the hay and taking the time to search and test for low sugar hay. It is so nice to have someone that actually cares about and understands what they are selling and feeding to our horses. Keep up the good work. We need you.

      --C. Pollock, Roberts Creek, BC

The Hay...Girl! is simply my dream hay supplier! I have tried them all and, like none other, Pam distinguishes herself as the low sugar hay provider. That claim comes with huge responsibility to the consumer! The stack is personally cored and tested by credited labs to ensure horses get low sugar, low carb, low glycemic hay. Pam has done her homework by consulting worldrenowned nutritionists that set safe parameters for easy keepers and free-choice feeding. The Hay...Girl!’s service doesn’t end there. Pam arrives at your farm along with the truckload of low sugar hay to ensure its correct storage and customer satisfaction. Don’t be surprised if Pam wants to meet your horses and check out their condition so she can keep a mental note on their health and progress. What other hay provider gives you that kind of personal, professional and honest care? I put my money on the Hay...Girl! You get much more than delivery!

      --Jennifer Stefik, Vancouver Island

Two years ago, my 21 year old Arab Pacheco became lame. He was diagnosed with laminitis in his front feet and further testing showed he was Insulin Resistant. I did some research and went through his diet and it was imperative to his health to bring down the sugar in his diet. The hay I was feeding him was very high in sugar at over 20%. I was killing him with kindness by also giving him apples and carrots. I knew who I had to contact, and that was Pam from Hay...Girl! That call helped save my horse’s life. It was a long phone call, and she didn’t let on how busy she was. She took the time to speak with me and shared her expertise and answered all my questions. Pam came out shortly after our phone call with some low sugar hay for Pacheco, and the hay analysis. She didn’t just drop the hay off, she came and met Pacheco, spoke to me more about his body condition and what changes I should be seeing in time. It didn’t take long and Pacheco’s body condition was changing, he was happy, and his feet gradually got better and he was not in pain!! The only hay Pacheco eats is a tested hay from Pam at Hay...Girl!. Pacheco is 23, very sound and so very happy!! He smiles through his eyes every day!! Thanks Hay...Girl!

      --Rhonda Cooper, Delta, BC

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